Xbox Series X Real Look

Microsoft’s new console comes out on November 10. Here’s our little getting started with the new Xbox Series X.

While Sony is in the process of preparing for its launch, Microsoft is also working on the same task since its two new consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, scheduled for release on November 10 next. Like its competitor. Less imposing than its direct competitor, the Xbox Series X plays the card of sobriety and yes, without a stand, it can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. We would have liked to be able to share with you photos of the console on with its interface, but we don’t have the right yet, so be patient 🙂


As you can imagine, the box of the Xbox Series X is less imposing than that of its competitor. However, it remains heavy and compact, which actually reminds us of what we have with current consoles. It’s obviously larger because of the size of the console itself, but it’s still packaging that you can put in a grocery bag for example. On the other hand, unlike that of its functional competitor, the experience is more fun at Xbox with a box that opens to reveal the console. it’s not much, but it’s always a nice touch.

In the box is of course the Xbox Series X. Add to that the new Xbox controller, a power cable, an HDMI cable and two AA batteries to operate the controller. Yes, at Xbox, we continue with the batteries. If the user wishes to use a rechargeable battery, they will have to go to check out again. The advantage of the batteries, however, is that the autonomy remains monstrous, which was already the case with the controller of the Xbox One.

The Xbox Controller

While the PS5 controller offers a whole new experience, the Xbox Series X controller plays it more evolutionary and when you compare it to its predecessor, you notice the glaring resemblance. We already notice a new button in the center of the controller for content to be shared later, a jack for the microphone and especially the new directional cross which essentially simplifies access to the diagonals. Otherwise, we find everything that made the success of the Xbox controller from the Xbox 360. Finally, we will note the triggers which offer greater resistance compared to the controller of the Xbox One.

We finish on the texture at the bottom of the controller which allows better grip for the grip which is, by the way, always excellent. It may be harmless but the texture at the bottom is very nice and even with sweaty hands the controller will not slip out of the hands. In any case, as with its predecessor, it smacks of sure value, you quickly find your bearings and that is often what pleases.

Xbox Series X

We remember the PS2 and its monolithic design. Well, we’re not going to lie to each other, it’s the same impression we had when discovering the new Xbox Series X. While on its competitor, the weight is somewhere distributed over the entire size, the Xbox Series X is dense and heavy. So that’s a way of speaking, it’s not particularly heavier in the hand than its rival but it’s the impression we have.

On the front, we find the Xbox logo that serves as the power button, well seen. There is also the Blu-Ray player as well as a USB-A socket with just above, the button to connect peripherals such as controllers. Unsurprisingly, on the back there are two USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port and a power port. We will also notice a port to extend the memory of the console. However, no USB-C on the Microsoft console.

Regarding the finish, nothing special, the finish is of good quality and the black color remains a safe bet for gamers and those who pay attention to their interior decoration. There are no subtleties in the coating of the console itself except for this imposing grille above the console, which will mainly serve to dissipate heat.

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