Why Working-Out Is Good for Your Health

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However, working-out is often related to body-building and weight lifting, which can make it difficult for so many people to try it. But, lifting weight training brings many benefits your body-health as well as your mental-health, and this is something that we are going to explain it.

The 8 benefits of working-out on the body-health and mental-health

Increase the muscle mass

It is well known that the main goal of working-out is to build the muscles. By repeatedly opposing the force of the dumbbells (or simply the weight of the body) to the force generated by the contraction of the muscles, weight training stimulates the growth of the muscle thus allowing the increase in muscle mass or the development of muscle mass.

Remember that with age we lose muscle mass (sarcopenia). So, strength training helps prevent muscle loss associated with aging, which inevitably maintains physical faculties over time.

Reinforce the heart

If working-out strength muscles, remember that the heart is also a muscle. By working-out, we also at the same time strengthening the heart muscles.

A study shown that static physical activities, such as weight training, are just as good for cardiovascular health as dynamic activities (walking, cycling…), if it’s not better. Another study has shown that one hour of weekly strength training, independent of any cardio activity, is sufficient to have positive effects on reducing cardiovascular risks.

Reinforcing of the skeleton and joints

According to several studies, working-out is one of the physical activities with the best impact on bone density. By helping to increase bone density, so working-out prevents the risk of injuries or falls, both in young and old.

Working-out also acts on the tissues associated with the muscles: joints, tendons or even bone insertions. It allows to improve neuromuscular coordination and strengthens the skeleton in general.

Increase the basal metabolism

While working-out helps build muscle mass, it also improves our basal metabolism. Remember that each new kg of muscle requires additional energy in order to be maintained. More muscles = more calories consumed by our body at rest.

Increasing your muscle mass by working-out therefore allows you to maintain your metabolism at a high level.

Losing weight

There is a misconception that strength training is only for building muscle and it is not for fat or weight loss. However, weight training is just as effective as cardio to lose fat. As explained in the previous point, by developing muscle mass, we increase the basal metabolism. However, a high metabolism mobilizes more fat reserves. Combined with cardio, this is a great way to lose fat, even at rest.

Maintaining mental health

Whether you work-out at home or in a basic-fit gym, also helps maintain mental health! Indeed, like all sports activities, bodybuilding causes the release of endorphins, tranquilizing hormones that reduce stress but also create a state of well-being.

At the same time, regular weight training can help boost the confidence of those who practice it, and therefore feel better in their sneakers.

Lowering in insulin resistance

Did you know that working-out can prevent type 2 diabetes? This is because weight training improves insulin resistance, which is the ability of our cells to react to insulin – the famous hormone responsible for keeping blood sugar levels at normal values. The number of insulin receptors is increased, resulting in the body making less insulin to lower blood sugar levels, and the blood sugar is more efficient.

Engaging in physical activity would not only fight against overweight and obesity, two risk factors for diabetes, but also act directly on blood sugar balance by enhancing the action of insulin.

Refinement of the shape

Finally, the last asset of working-out: its impact on our silhouette. When we want to lose weight, we tend to focus on the number displayed on our scale. Since cardio is more effective on this parameter, people wishing to lose weight naturally turn to physical activities of this type. However, while cardio has an impact on weight, it has little impact on the figure. Remember that sculpting your silhouette is just as important when you want to lose weight.

Combined with cardio sessions, working-out allows you to obtain optimal results by sculpting the body (glutes, arms, abdominals, etc.) as you lose weight.

Working-out brings many benefits to both physical and mental health. In order to be guided through practice and to avoid injury, the help of a sports coach or training for two can be useful to start.

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