Why Working-Out Is Good for Your Health

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However, working-out is often related to body-building and weight lifting, which can make it difficult for so many people to try it. But, lifting weight training brings many benefits your body-health as well as your mental-health, and this is something that we are going to explain it.

The 8 benefits of working-out on the body-health and mental-health

Increase the muscle mass

It is well known that the main goal of working-out is to build the muscles. By repeatedly opposing the force of the dumbbells (or simply the weight of the body) to the force generated by the contraction of the muscles, weight training stimulates the growth of the muscle thus allowing the increase in muscle mass or the development of muscle mass.

Remember that with age we lose muscle mass (sarcopenia). So, strength training helps prevent muscle loss associated with aging, which inevitably maintains physical faculties over time.

Reinforce the heart

If working-out strength muscles, remember that the heart is also a muscle. By working-out, we also at the same time strengthening the heart muscles.

A study shown that static physical activities, such as weight training, are just as good for cardiovascular health as dynamic activities (walking, cycling…), if it’s not better. Another study has shown that one hour of weekly strength training, independent of any cardio activity, is sufficient to have positive effects on reducing cardiovascular risks.

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