WhatsApp presents its next e-commerce features

It will soon be possible to make purchases directly in a WhatsApp conversation, thanks to the Shopping option.

Over the past two years, WhatsApp has made its WhatsApp Business application and API available to businesses to help them grow their business. Thanks to user feedback, new features are in development.

Shopping: allow the purchase of products without leaving WhatsApp

WhatsApp will enable businesses to use Facebook Shops over WhatsApp, starting next year. This will allow them to sell their products within the application, without having to go through a third-party platform. Customers will be able to view the available products but also contact the seller directly by message to facilitate the exchange. WhatsApp intends to help businesses (and especially small businesses) integrate this solution. Thanks to Facebook Pay, mobile payments will allow WhatsApp to earn a commission.

Today, more than 175 million people send a message to a WhatsApp Business account every day. Facebook says messaging is popular with users for getting information before making a purchase.

Facebook to launch hosting service connected to WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp plans to develop partnerships with providers of technical solutions that facilitate and enrich the management of messages. Facebook also plans to offer “a new option for businesses to allow them to manage their WhatsApp messages through hosting services.” This solution will allow SMEs to easily synchronize their product catalog.

Some WhatsApp services will be billed to businesses

WhatsApp says some services – without specifying which ones – will be billed to businesses to help “WhatsApp continue to grow while providing free service […] to over two billion people.”

No date has been announced for the official release of these features, WhatsApp talks about a gradual rollout over the coming months.

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