What Should I Eat to Feel Less Tired

feel less tired

An unbalanced diet can cause states of tiredness. But what to eat to feel less tired? Discover my dietitian anti-fatigue tips!

Anti-fatigue diet: 10 tips to overcome fatigue by changing your diet

First thing: Drink enough water

Imagine that the first symptom of dehydration is…exhaustion! In fact, a large majority of our ailments could be solved if we simply drank enough water. In fact, about 70% of the human body is made up of it and the vast majority of chemical reactions carried out by our body require water molecules. So, you understand to what extent poor hydration can disrupt the functioning of our body.

By poor hydration, I mean “consuming enough fluids,” but above all choosing fluids well. My advice: While fruit juices / smoothies (unsweetened) and soups / soups can be a good way to hydrate our body, keep in mind that nothing beats pure (unsweetened) water. Tea or coffee should remain secondary because they contain stimulants and can have a diuretic effect. As for sugary drinks (sodas, sweet industrial fruit juices, etc.) or alcohol, they should be avoided because of their high content of added sugars.

Ensure your vitamin C intake

Second anti-fatigue tip: watch your vitamin C intake. Vitamin C is THE “anti-fatigue vitamin”. Consuming it in sufficient quantities helps reduce fatigue (although its exact mechanism remains unclear) and boost the immune system. One of the main symptoms of vitamin C deficiency is fatigue.

My advice: to get your fill of vitamin C, make sure you get enough fruits and vegetables (the main source of vitamin C in your diet). We make sure to consume at least 2-3 servings of fresh fruit per day and fill our plate with vegetables at every meal.

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