Top 100 most powerful brands in 2020: tech companies, big winners from the crisis

Apple, Amazon and Microsoft: the top three in Interbrand’s top 100. Tech giants, even more powerful during the crisis ,The Interbrand firm estimates the “value” of brands and unveils its ranking of the most powerful international brands in 2020. Interbrand finds that the global pandemic has inevitably had a direct impact on this year’s top 100. Brands like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft or Google have become even more powerful, in a context of global health crisis, where the time has come for telecommuting and distance education.

The top 10 most powerful brands in 2020 (their theoretical value in $):

  • Apple: $ 323 billion
  • Amazon: $ 200.67 billion
  • Microsoft: $ 166 billion
  • Google: $ 165.44 billion
  • Samsung: $ 62.29 billion
  • Coca-Cola: $ 56.89 billion
  • Toyota: $ 51.60 billion
  • Mercedes: $ 49.27 billion
  • McDonald’s: $ 42.82 billion
  • Disney: $ 40.77 billion

The fastest growing brands in 2020

Interbrand explains that growth across all brands is on average 14%, but if you look at tech companies alone, the average growth is around 20%. The respective growth of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, the podium of the top 100, exceeds 50%. We see that the companies that have developed the most in 2020 are tech companies that offer services that can be used remotely such as online shopping or music or video streaming.

The top 10 brands that have developed the most in 2020:

  • Amazon: + 60%
  • Microsoft: + 53%
  • Spotify: + 52%
  • Netflix: + 41%
  • Adobe: + 41%
  • PayPal: + 38%
  • Apple: + 38%
  • + 34%
  • Nintendo: + 31%
  • MasterCard: + 17%

New entrants: Instagram, YouTube and Zoom

Brands specializing in social media and remote communication tools have developed at high speed over the past 12 months. This year we find 3 new entrants in the ranking:

  • Instagram: in 19th position,
  • YouTube: in 30th position,
  • Zoom: in 100th position.

The rise of Instagram and YouTube in the rankings is directly related to the improvement in financial reporting for Facebook and Alphabet. Regarding Zoom, the brand has benefited from accelerated growth due to containment measures around the world, including an increase in its turnover of 270%, in the first quarter alone.

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