Top 10 Best Travel Podcasts

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Traveling is the best way to feel alive, but you still have to have the opportunity to do so. A demanding job, a time-consuming family life, a pandemic followed by confinement, which is why the travel podcast is also an alternative!

Going to the other side of the world or to another country is not as easy as you think! However, internet user, the adventure is also lived by listening to stories and journeys of all kinds.

The podcast has therefore become the best counter for backpackers and travelers to talk about their wildest adventures. Here are the top 10 best travel podcasts to get away from it all with your headphones!

The 10 best travel podcasts

1.The Travel Diaries

Presenter Holly Rubenstein describes The Travel Diaries as the travel version of Desert Island Discs, where celebrity guests reveal the travel experiences that shaped them rather than songs. It’s the UK’s number one travel podcast and has featured guests such as Dev Patel, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Tony Wheeler, Simon Reeve, Michael Palin, and our very own Lyn Hughes.

2.Armchair Explorer

Each episode of the Armchair Explorer podcast sees one of the world’s great adventurers or travelers tell their best story from the road. Hosted by award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar, every tale is inspiring, action-packed and thrilling. Aaron has a magical way of drawing the best out of his guests.

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