The Easiest Ideas for The Healthiest Breakfasts

recipe Healthiest Breakfasts

Discover my gourmet recipe Healthiest Breakfasts for homemade cereal bars with a Korean ingredient, dried persimmon. In Korea it is eaten as a snack, full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, a low glycemic index for ideal snacks. Try these cereal bars to savor during your hiking breaks, you will love it! To get some dried persimmon, here is a list of Korean grocery stores in France in this article. I made this recipe with kfood-fan.

Difficulty levelVery easy
Preparation time 10 minPreparation time 10 min
Cooking time 15 minCooking time 15 min
Serving 6 peopleServing 6 people

List of ingredients

75 g oatmeal

20 g sesame

25 g of quinoa

25 g flaked almonds

2 tbsp. almond powder

15 g pistachios or other (peanuts, walnuts …)

60 g of dried persimmon

75 g of honey (or agave)

30 g of margarine or coconut oil

1 tsp of vanilla extract

Directions to Healthiest Breakfasts

  • Melt the honey and margarine over low heat in a saucepan, and add the vanilla
  • Cut your dried persimmons into small cubes and put them in a bowl
  • Crush the pistachios, add them to the bowl as well as the sesame seeds and quinoa seeds as well as the crushed almonds, the oatmeal and the tablespoon of almond powder to bind the whole and mix
  • Pour the liquid mixture into the bowl and mix with a spatula so that all the dry ingredients are coated with the honey syrup to obtain a good hold of the cereal bars
  • Then pour the whole into a mold previously covered with baking paper and using a spatula spread, tamp everything well
  • Put in the oven for 15 minutes at 175 ° C
  • Passage in the fridge for 1 hour or 15 minutes in the freezer to facilitate cutting and wrap them in baking paper is the best! Personally, I keep them in the fridge to keep them compact.

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Healthiest Breakfasts

The Easiest Ideas for The Healthiest Breakfasts

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