Sony PlayStation 5

Officially, it will be available on November 19, but on our side, we have just received our Sony PlayStation 5. Suddenly, we offer you a little tour of the owner.

Here, while it is scheduled by November 19. Imposing, tall, tall, white, futuristic, we share with you some photos of the beast. We would have liked to be able to share pictures of the console on, but we don’t have the right yet, so be patient.


With the size of the console, it is useless to tell you that the packaging is more than massive. It reminded us of the good old days with the first PS3 or even the very first Xbox. Yes, it’s big but at least it feels like we’re getting our money’s worth. As usual, this is a white box with a sort of light cardboard skin. This allows Sony to quietly create new packaging, without having to review the production lines.

In the box is obviously the PS5 in its normal version with a Blu-Ray player. We remind you that the PS5 will also be available in a Digital Edition version without a Blu-Ray player. Added to this is the all new Dual Sense controller, a power cable, an HDMI cable and a USB cable to charge the controller. There is also a base to put the console on. In itself, this is quite classic and finally, it should be noted that the Astro game is preloaded on the console.

The Dual Sense

The very first impression around the Dual Sense is good, very good even, it exudes quality and the workmanship is even quite good compared to a more classic Dual Shock controller. The handling was immediate and everything falls perfectly in hand. Whether it is the buttons or the directional cross, everything falls under the thumb. We particularly appreciate the triggers that seem solid to us. To see obviously over time.

If we note a certain race on the buttons and the directional cross, we appreciate the small textures on the analog sticks which will undoubtedly allow a better grip. We just hope that the quality will be there and that the rubber of the analog sticks will not give up too quickly as it was the case with the launch of the PS4.

The PS5

It’s a tower, yes and it’s tall. It’s the first thing you think of when you first discover the console. However, to our surprise, it is not that heavy. It is perhaps its size that makes the weight more distributed compared to its competitor which is more compact.

On the front, there is a USB-A port and a USB-C port as well as the Blu-Ray eject and power buttons. Unsurprisingly, on the back there are two USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port and a power port.

Regarding the finish, nothing special, the workmanship is of good quality and the only thing that can be scary in the long run is to see the white of the console turn yellow over time. Unfortunately, this is often the case with white plastic. We remember our white PS4, well, yellow now. Now, let’s not sulk our pleasure, if we take a good look at the coating of the console, there are thousands of Crosses, Square, Triangle and Round, or the famous Playstation keys, we love it!

Where to pre-order it? (out of stock at the moment)

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