How to travel for free for several months?

To travel cheap or for free, you need to know what is expensive

When we have a very small budget, see almost no money but still want to travel, we say to ourselves that living an adventure around the world is not within our reach, that it will we will have to wait years before this can happen… and yet IF IT IS POSSIBLE!

To travel inexpensively, you still need to know what is expensive during a trip lasting several months or around the world! This allows you to find the right tips for these areas of expenditure to reduce them as much as possible, or even eliminate them!!!

Here is clearly what costs the most when traveling in order of importance:

1. Accommodation

Whether we like it or not, sleep, we have to do it pretty much every day. So, you need a place to sleep. Even 10 €, if we multiply it by 365 days, that immediately amounts to 3,650 €! we must therefore pay attention to this daily expense.

2. Transport

And yes, when traveling the more often you travel, the more expensive it becomes. We’re going to spend a lot less money spending a week in a heavenly place enjoying and discovering the surroundings, than visiting 3 or 4 different places.

3. Activities / Leisure / Souvenirs

Obviously, the more activities we do (treks, excursions, dives, etc.) and buy trinkets and souvenirs, the faster the budget will take a hit!! But above all, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of these kinds of things, you just have to do them within the budget you have and know how to moderate yourself when necessary.

Tips for traveling and sleeping for free

Now that you know what costs a lot, here are my tips for drastically reducing or even traveling for free!


Hitchhiking! And yes it’s free and with a little patience we go everywhere. Contrary to popular belief, it is no more dangerous than in France. And in addition, it allows to meet extraordinary and unexpected. You just don’t want to do it where the locals don’t recommend it.


Couchsurfing: Couchsurfing is a platform that connects travelers with people who are ready to welcome them for free to sleep on their sofa (even a guest room sometimes ^^). The principle is therefore simple: you send requests a few days in advance to people, and if one of them says yes (which happens almost all the time), you can sleep at their place for free.

He is then welcome:

  • To exchange with his host about his culture, his travels
  • Prepare a dish from home
  • Shopping
  • Offer a little something in return or a service

Big cities are often expensive, anonymous and with so much to see and do that you end up often in tourist spots.

By couchsurfing, it saves a night that is a little more expensive than the average, of course, but also and above all to have a local guide who will take you or at least tell you HIS good addresses, HIS vision of the city ​​that another tourist will never have! Have an ultra-light tent with you, but sleep with the locals

Here is another technique that works very well for sleeping in a homestay:

Have an ultra-light tent in your backpack to be ready to sleep anywhere. Then, you have to knock on people’s doors to ask them if it is possible to sleep in their garden. And in most cases, people are much more welcoming than you might think: they will invite you to spend the night with them. But even if they don’t, you’ll still sleep for free in their garden ^^

But how do you travel completely free?

Ok hitchhiking, couchsurfing, sleeping in someone’s backyard, a lot of people now know. So how do you travel completely free? I WILL TELL YOU NOW.

For 2 years now (2012 the end of a world and the start of a new area according to the Mayans, maybe that’s it ^^), I have seen more and more people traveling other than just travel “I’m in the mouth and I love it!” “

I meet a growing number of travelers who wish through their long journey or around the world:

  • Open your mind
  • Make unforgettable encounters
  • Get out of the consumerist system that does not make them happy
  • Go off the beaten track
  • ESPECIALLY learning new things, new ways of living, new ways of thinking.

Those who have gone on a road trip in Australia know wwoofing. It stands for World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and which brings together organic farmers wanting to recruit volunteers to help them in the fields.

They often work at least 8 hours a day to be fed and housed. And we are often taken for free labor and the transmission of knowledge is not really a topic highlighted.

I’ve been following your videos for a long time, I love them and they allow me to travel with you when I’m stuck in Paris. I often share your vision of travel.

But here I allow myself to intervene in relation to your violent criticism of wwoofing.

I have been a fan of wwoofing for over 6 years now, it allowed me to travel without a penny when I was a student. No, it’s not just professional operators who hire wwoofers for a business purpose.

Most of the time, it is families or communities who wish to exploit an alternative way of life with the maximum goal of self-sufficiency. It is a great way to be integrated into a local family, to live with them daily and to learn about their way of life. And the experiences are very varied, it is not just fruit picking in the fields.

I really advise you to test for yourself 🙂

2 world famous sites for free travel

So, to travel for free and learn things during your trip, there are now 2 world-famous platforms used by thousands of people.

These 2 websites connect people in need of a helping hand with people who want to give one!


principles: 4/5 hours of work per day to be fed + housed

values: mutual aid, exchange of knowledge / experience, friendliness

countries available: almost all! Argentina, India, the Philippines via Seychelles, Tanzania, Peru or even Costa Rica!

types of missions: organic farms, eco-lodges, private gardens, horse farms, schools, orphanages, etc….

Price: free! (only the platform membership fee valid for 2 years to pay of € 20). Then we can enjoy as many missions as we want

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