How to make homemade Nutella?

homemade Nutella recipe
homemade Nutella recipe

But how do you make homemade Nutella? Are you desperate to find a healthy alternative to Nutella? Are you looking for a vegan spread without refined sugar and palm oil for you and for your children? Try our gluten-free and lactose-free hazelnut spread recipe without further delay.

A delicious homemade spread!

Who would have thought it was so easy to make healthy Nutella at home? A spread with cocoa and fresh hazelnuts without sugar and palm oil with the perfect texture for breakfast toast and Wednesday afternoon pancakes … you will be in for a treat!

How do you make homemade Nutella?

To make your vegan spread you will need a good mixer, powerful enough to puree the hazelnuts and obtain a smooth and creamy texture. You will also need some essential ingredients for the recipe: good raw and organic hazelnuts preferably, maple syrup to sweeten the preparation, bitter cocoa powder, coconut oil and vegetable milk for a lactose free version. It will of course be possible to use semi-skimmed cow’s milk instead of vegetable milk.

Our best homemade Nutella recipe

Discover without further delay our recipe for hazelnut spread on video! You can follow the steps as you go and pause them if necessary. It’s time to bring out your best blender and get cooking with us!

COOKING TIME           15 min
TOTAL TIME                35 mins
TYPE OF DISH              Breakfast, Side dish, Snack, Brunch
PORTIONS                   4 people


  • Cooking plate
  • Oven
  • Mixer or multifunction robot
  • Clean tea towel
  • Clean jar


  • 240 gr Raw hazelnuts
  • 120 gr Maple syrup
  • 1.5 c. tablespoon Vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp. bitter cocoa
  • 1 pinch Stevia (optional)
  • 0.5 c. coffee Salt
  • 2 tbsp. coffee coconut oil
  • 50 to 100 gr Vegetable milk


  • Place the raw hazelnuts on the baking sheet and bake for 10 to 15 minutes in a hot oven at 180 ° C. The skin of the hazelnuts should peel off easily.
  • Empty the contents of the baking sheet onto a clean tea towel. Fold the tea towel over itself and rub it all for a few minutes with your hands.
  • Unfold the towel and collect the hazelnuts, leaving the skin on.
  • Transfer the hazelnuts to the bowl of a mixer which will be launched at full power for 45 seconds.
  • Roll out the dough obtained on the sides of the bowl using a spatula then add the coconut oil and mix for another minute.
  • Add the vanilla, salt, maple syrup, stevia (optional) and bitter cocoa powder then mix for one more minute.
  • You will get a fairly thick paste. Add 50gr of vegetable milk and mix for 30 seconds. Taste and add milk according to the desired consistency.
  • Put in a jar and keep cool.

Our favorite!

And there you have it, our homemade Nutella recipe without sugar and palm oil! A healthy version of the well-known spread that you can use every day without blaming yourself but always with a lot of moderation … don’t overdo the good things.

You might not have thought it was so easy to make it from home, so don’t miss out! And to stay on the same theme, try our homemade peanut butter or peanut butter recipe; a healthy and cheaper alternative to those found on the market. A good way to save money while having fun.

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