How to increase your daily number of steps

In Europe, we spend an average of 7.26 hours sitting per day (1). This sedentary lifestyle has serious consequences for our health. It is estimated to represent nearly 3.2 million deaths each year (2). To stay in shape and maintain health, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends taking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day. But how do you achieve the WHO recommendations when you are sedentary? This is what we are going to help you to achieve today.

                6 tips to achieve 10000 steps a day when while you tending to be sedentary

  1. Track your number of steps

To be able to reach the objective of 10,000 steps set by the WHO, we must already know how many steps we take daily … For that, let us use the available technology. We are fortunate to have several tools at our disposal for this:

The simplest solution: your smartphone. The majority of people have them and almost all of them are equipped with a native step counting system. If not, just download a free app (the best in my opinion is Google Fit). There are many:

The cheapest solution: take a pedometer that you keep in your pocket or that you clip to your belt.

The most expensive solution: buy a bracelet or a connected watch that will facilitate the dynamic of getting back into shape.

  • Avoid taking car as much as you can

It may seem obvious … Avoiding taking your car to get bread or accompanying children to school can considerably increase your number of steps while calming your mind. Of course, this requires motivation in order to leave earlier or to plan less tight timings, but your legs will thank you.

  • Walk as much as you can

Many people use public transport. Metro, bus, trains …: in large cities, the average distance between bus stops is around 450 m. The distance between metro stations is approximately 570 m. You only need to stop one stop earlier to give yourself the opportunity to walk a little more and therefore increase your daily step count by about 1 km, or almost 1,500 steps. In a person with a sedentary tendency, this figure can make the difference.

  • Take the stairs

Another tip to increase your number of steps effortlessly: take the stairs. Say goodbye to the elevators, treadmills and other escalators, and take the stairs. In addition, these are free and accessible to all.

  • Be active at your work

Most of the people work in a predominantly seated position, which severely limits physical activity. To stop this is very simple. Here are a few tips:

We regularly get up from our post to take a few steps.

We do not hesitate to travel to see our colleagues rather than sending them an email or calling them for trivial information.

We will eat outside of the office (preferably on foot).

We avoid taking the elevator to go upstairs.

And don’t forget to campaign with your employer for the implementation of sports lessons with a sports coach.

  • Encourage your family and friends to go out more often

6th tip: get out of your home as much as possible. Even on weekends, you can increase your daily number of steps by spending fun time with your family. Eat at a restaurant, go shopping at the market or at the picking farm, go for a walk alone or with your loved ones… There are many ideas to be more active and less in front of the TV all weekend…

  • Do some sports with a coach

If you really cannot reach the 10,000 steps per day, you can opt for a fitness coach who will help you resume physical activity in a suitable and safe way. He will be able to motivate you by creating one or more weekly appointments necessary to be in good health when you are too sedentary.

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