How to Deal with The Covid-19 Anxiety

This year have been a stressful one for many people in the whole world. Since the beginning of the pandemic we had to deal with a range of unpercented measures that have been put in place in order to reduce the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable in society. Following the lockdown back in spring, the spread of covid-19 starts to slow, but in the last couple months, we are seeing more coronavirus infections once again and we must expect a local lockdown which lead to heightened anxiety for many people once again.

                The loss of income, business closures, and of course the fear of catching the virus itself, all these reasons could lead you to be anxious right now. If you’re starting to feel particularly overwhelmed by this whole situation, today we give you some tips to manage your anxiety that may help you.

  1. Keep Calm

This sounds easier than it could be, but trying to manage our emotional reactions is something that we all know that we can control it. Look for ways to manage your fear and worries. Deep breathing, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation or yoga as much as they sounds normal but sometimes simple things can help you calm down.

  • Keep Active

Online workouts at home, family-focused classes online to maintain an active lifestyle and create healthy habits its an alternative to gyms, rec centers, and even local parks/walking trails.

  • Stay Connected

In our days staying connected it’s not that hard so maintain connected with family and friends while practicing social distancing. Call, send texts, FaceTime etc. the options are endless. Quarantine can make anxieties and fears much worse, so find a way to stay connect will allow you to rely on your tribe for support. Not to forget to encourage children to stay connected. They are also adjusting to being away form their normal routine of school, extracurricular activities and friends.

  • Avoid unhelpful media and misinformation

Being exposed to constant, alarming, anxiety-inducing stories convinces us that there is something to worry about, and further perpetuates myths, rumors, misinformation, uncertainty and anxiety. As much as we read and hear about it becomes frightening, although it might be good to be informed but limiting your exposure to media, news, and social media about corona virus will help you control the panic.

  • Helping other people

Helping other people certainly will make us better. Try your best to be kind and compassionate to the others because well we are all in this together.

  • Ask for help

If feel that you losing the control of your anxiety and started to affect your day-to-day life, you might benefit from speaking to a therapist, if you would like to speak with somebody immediately, ou have the option of either going private or trying to get treatment trough a charity. While face-to-face therapy appointments might not be possible in certain areas of the country right now, or you can find a therapist who is offering video call sessions or telephone sessions it might be helpful.

  • Take a breath

You should take a few slow when the feeling of overwhelming starts to take over, something like deep breaths walking or listening to music might be super helpful in this case.

  • Stick to the Guidelines

Of course, we can’t make everybody stick to the guidelines and there will be some people who ignore them for sure, you can’t let this affect you because it’ll make your anxiety worse. The best that you can do for yourself is ensure that you are doing your bit to stick to the guidelines and try to keep yourself and everybody around you safe.

Being anxious is pretty normal now a days, you should put your mental health as a priority and do what it takes to help yourself feel better while protecting yourself for the virus.

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