How Can I Exercise When I Don’t Have Time

How do you exercise when you don't have time

Between work / school, your family and going out with friends, it can sometimes be hard to find time to play sports. The question then arises: How do you exercise when you don’t have time? Don’t panic, there are tips that allow you to exercise daily without taking a lot of time. Here are some of them:

15 Way to exercise when you don’t have time

Switch from your car / bus / train to your bike or feet

The car, the bus or even the train are the sworn enemies of exercise. They establish a routine for you that limits your physical activity. That’s why choose cycling or walking as much as possible!

By opting for walking or cycling, you allow your body to exercise, but also to relax and release all the stress of your day. It would also allow you to stock up on vitamin D – since just remember exposing the hands, forearms and face for 10 to 15 minutes a day would be enough to meet all of our vitamin D needs.

Get off one station before

Do you have 5 minutes in front of you? Get off one station before to give yourself the opportunity to walk a little more! Every step counts and, what’s more, you get to work serene and zen – perfect for starting the day off right.

Park your car further away

And if you are used to driving a car, park your car further away to encourage you to walk more. In addition, this can sometimes have other advantages: for example, saving you parking costs.

Take the stairs

Say “Bye bye” to elevators, treadmills and escalators, and take the stairs! Indeed, these are free, accessible to all, and very effective in improving our health! Thus, taking the stairs is a very physical exercise which makes the heart work, but also which tones our calves, our buttocks, our quadriceps and to reduce our fat mass.

One study even showed that taking the stairs, instead of passively taking the elevator or escalator, would lose enough calories to reverse the average annual weight gain seen in adults.

Walk faster

Did you know that walking faster burns more calories? By increasing your pace, you also improve your heart health and in addition… you save time on your program for the day.

Do the housework

Okay, cleaning isn’t the most fun physical activity, but it uses a lot of muscles! Indeed, mopping the mop, cleaning the bathtub, hanging out the laundry, wringing out the salad are all demanding physical exercises for our body that could be likened to a full-fledged workout!

Drink a lot

Wondering what is the relationship between drinking water and exercising? Well, when you drink a lot, you want to go to the bathroom, don’t you? Well, by going to the bathroom, you give your body a great opportunity to walk and therefore move. However, every step is important! So, drink and do not deprive yourself of going to the toilet.

Go out

Last tip for doing sport without really doing it: go out more often! In the evening or on weekends, do not refuse a little outing with friends: What if you went dancing for example? This is a great way to exercise while having fun!

At work, for your lunch break, for example, try to find a pleasant place within a 10-15-minute walk of your office to encourage you to get some fresh air and walk.

Stand up

If you have a habit of working seated all day, take short breaks when you can to walk or just stand up. In fact, standing can burn 33% more calories than sitting.

Walk patiently

Are you waiting for the train? Are you on the phone? What if you walked around a bit instead of “wasting time” waiting stupidly? You might be kidding, but you would be amazed how far you could have covered in 5 minutes.

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