Halloween in 2020 During the Pandemic

The big question before Halloween of the year 2020 is can we still safely celebrate it? It had been a tough year for our kids.

According to experts the answer to our question is “no”, but we will have to celebrate a little different than the previous years.

We have to take precautions. First, we should be aware that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned in the updated guidelines of the last month that the traditional trick-or-treat would be risky. The guidelines were a little unexpected, given that epidemiologists and the other scientists consider that gathering outdoors with face coverings is safe.

If you consider what makes Halloween fun, it’s dressing up and the most secure factor to do is have a good time at residence with your loved ones in that way you don’t take any risks.

But if you happen to go outdoor make sure to keep the social distance, don’t forget carrying your mask you better make it part of your costume and finally the hand sanitizer should be in your pocket. If things start getting crowded and social distancing is getting onerous or person starts taking off their masks, simply go away.

This actually isn’t the year for trick-or-treating, many areas have banned it. If you happen to do resolve to present out treats, place them in separate luggage and leave it outdoors your door. You may sit outdoor with them and greet people just make sure you wearing your mask and achieve this from a distance.

What isn’t safe?

The authorities are looking to prevent a public health disaster and they are asking people beware of indoor activities and large groups of people as fall holidays, including Halloween, get underway, crowded indoor parties are on the higher-risk.

The agency also lists travelling from areas with high Covid-19 rates to rural fall festivals as higher-risk, drinking alcohol a higher-risk activity as it can could your judgment and increase risky behaviors.

A Zoom Halloween party may also seem like a good idea, a backyard movie night with everyone bringing their own chairs and food to keep the social distant.

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