Cheapest Countries to Visit in 2020

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Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, actually, if you live in a big city on a big country, it may be cheaper to travel around the world than staying at home.

How is that can be possible, there are plenty of destinations where you can enjoy the most and spend less! And these countries offer not just great value but also incredible experiences and moments. The trick is choosing your destination wisely, and spend your money intelligently.

From Morocco to Nepal, here are 10 places you can visit without spend a fortune.

Our journey begins with the cheapest countries to visit in South America

  1. Ecuador

Ecuador can be a paradise to budget travelers it’s one of the cheapest destinations to visit in South America. You can find islands, the Andes, lively markets, hot springs, wild rivers and of course the Amazon rainforest.

There is a lot of options to do. Quito, the capital is the most expensive city, but even there you can easily get your breakfast for $1-$3, lunch for 2$-5$ and dinner for $3.5-$8.5. The bus in Quito costs $0.25-$0.35. About hotels you can get a room for $10-$15 and you can get a double room in a better hotel for less than $40. A typical day for a budget traveler would be about $30-$50.

               One of the best activities you can do is cycling down the Andes from Banos, and bike rental is $10 for the whole day. There are also markets in many of the Andean towns where you can get handicrafts for very reasonable prices. You can even travel around Galapagos islands but that would cost you a little more.

  • Colombia

A colorful destination, Colombia is fast becoming a popular affordable destination. If you are a history geek, you will love the museums and historical sites in Bogota, the Lost City, and beyond. If you are into nature, the Amazon is there. As for diving enthusiasts, Colombia also boasts some of the world’s best diving sites and gorgeous beaches. With accommodation, transportation and food being so affordable, you will have room for some occasional splurges – consider booking a luxurious villa for a night or two, you won’t get a deal this great anywhere else in this part of the world!

Meals: $10 – $15 per day. Some hostels offer complimentary breakfast

Accommodation: $8 – $12 per night in a hostel

Transportation: $1 – $3 for a full day of bus rides, or $10 – $50 for an intercity bus ride (be sure to check the domestic flights which can sometimes be cheaper than buses)

SIM card with data: $13 for 2GB with a 30-day validity

  • Bolivia

If you are looking for a real South American adventure for an affordable price, I believe that Bolivia is your place. You will deal with a handful of long, winding roads of the beaten path, the altitude can be a problem for some, but remember why are you here, that’s right the adventures and I can assure you that the adventures are endless. The salt flats and death roads bicycle trip are unmissable, and we can’t forget about the Amazon, the country is incredibly ethnically diverse.

               You just need to stick with the local lifestyle to keep things cheap and to live the true experience, you can get a big meal for less than $2 if you eat at a local restaurant. Same for transportation if you take the local bus, and you better walk into local guesthouses instead of booking online.

               Meals: $8 – $10 per day

Accommodation: $8 – $12 per night in a hostel (try walking in for lower prices)

Transportation: $1 – $2 for a full day of local bus rides, or $8 – $15 for an intercity train ride

SIM card with data: $8 for 1GB with a 30-day validity


  1. Romania

If you are looking for a European trip and keep things affordable Romania is perfect for you. While we all know that Romania is known for Dracula, there is a lot of things remain unknown for foreigners.

You can enjoy its urban side by visiting cities like Bucharest or experience its traditional side by exploring regions like Transylvania (which is home to the most charming villages). With 14 national parks perfect for scenic drives and outdoor activities, Romania is also an amazing destination for nature lovers. It amazes me how such an underrated gem can be such a diverse and interesting place to visit.

Meals: $10 – $15 per day

Accommodation: $10 – $15 per night in a hostel or a local guesthouse

Transportation: $5 – $10 for a full day of bus and train rides

SIM card with data: $6 for 3GB with 28-day validity

  • Portugal

Portugal is much more than a holiday country, it’s also one of the most budget-friendly countries in Europe. It’s such a cheap country then no matter what diet you are on, you will find plenty of meal diversification for $170 month or less! So even as a backpacker, you can expect to explore and eat well, with plenty on offer.

Once you are in Portugal you can choose from different options: you not only have the best surf beaches but you can also find plenty of mountains to hike, eco-villages to visit and nature to explore.

There are many other reasons to explore this country, rich in tradition and culture. Beautiful historic old towns, museums, and natural fountains are everywhere. Scuba-diving or airplane jumping are some of the most popular experiences for adventure lovers, but if you fancy something less risky, then a magnificent pirate ship trip to natural coast caves is a lovely experience.

Meals: $20 – $25 per day

Accommodation: $20 – $80 depending on the area and season

Transportation: $10 – $15 for a full day of bus

  • Greece

If you are planning to travel in Greece on a budget. This means avoid July and August which are the hottest and busiest months in Greece. You better go a few weeks before or after summer, and you’ll be able to enjoy Greece with a lower budget. You can also save some money by buying fresh produce from the market and make you own meals, since eating in restaurants can be expensive.

As far as activities go, opt for the free walking tours available, and if you are planning to do some island hopping in Greece, plan well and stick with a group of islands to minimize transfers. For any long-distance travel, keep in mind that sometimes a domestic flight can be cheaper than a bus ride.

Meals: $10 – $15 per day

Accommodation: $10 – $15 per night in a hostel

Transportation: $10-$15 per person for a private car and driver split between 4 people, or a local bus ride between cities

Look for the part 2 where you can find Affordable countries to visit in Africa and Asia.

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