Abandoned by her former owner she becomes a social media star!

Despite all the hardships she went through, Sansa social media regained her zest for life thanks to the one who had adopted her following her abandonment. This cat is now totally transformed.

Sansa social media has long been traumatized by her abandonment. The cat, named after a character from the ‘Game of Thrones’ series (Sansa Stark), was adopted in 2016 by her current owner. This has since helped her overcome her fears and regain serenity, as reported by Fox News.

The cat came into the world with some peculiarities, but also troubles. Polydactyl, she has 6 fingers instead of 5. She also has small eyes; one blue and the other green. Much more disabling, she suffers from feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which is characterized by hypersensitivity to different stimuli. This disease can make some cats aggressive and others extremely fearful.

Sansa social media was gripped with anxiety when Karen adopted her 4 years ago. It took him several months to adjust to his new home. Thanks to the young woman and her companion Jack, the cat has made great progress. She ended up trusting them and even started to comfort them in the times when they weren’t feeling well.

The feline will celebrate its 6 years in December. Sansa social media is not completely free from all her fears. Thunderstorms, dog barking and sudden noises still cause her to hide, but her attitude has nothing to do with what it was a few years ago.

Today, the cat is also an Instagram celebrity, where she has more than 27,000 followers.

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