7 Good Reasons Can Convince You About Yoga

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Paying attention to your diet is good. But managing your stress is just as essential to take care of your health! An effective way to provide physical and mental well-being and thus reduce anxiety is: yoga near me. This increasingly fashionable practice has many advantages for our health. So, what are the benefits of yoga? In this article, discover 7 good reasons to get started!

What good can bring yoga to your life

Reduce stress and anxiety by yoga

It’s not a secret that yoga near me is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. Studies shows that yoga lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. However, high levels of cortisol are commonly seen in depression or chronic stress.

Beat your insomnia with yoga

In addition to reducing states of stress and anxiety, yoga is also said to have positive effects on insomnia. Studies shows that yoga relaxes its practitioners to the point of promoting the secretion of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating sleep and wakefulness.

Remember that yog a also has a significant effect on anxiety, depression, and stress – three major factors contributing to sleep problems.

Boost immunity !

Did you know that regular yog a practice will boost our immunity? While stress is now known to over-stimulate the immune system (making it less effective in the face of external aggressions), yog a, on the other hand, decreases this stress, thus allowing our immune system to function properly.

A study even found that the current practice of yog would cause changes in the expression of the gene responsible for immunity. Thus, it would help improve the cellular immunity of our body.

Have healthy joints

Another benefit of yog a: it allows you to work on your flexibility by properly stretching the muscles and, at the same time, releasing tension. Our ankles, knees, wrists move better and are more mobile, which limits the risk of fractures and long-term pain.

Improve your health generally

Stress, anxiety, tiredness linked to insomnia or even a weakened immune system are all factors that make us more vulnerable to disease. Practicing yoga near me for the long term would thus help protect our general health.

Relieve migraines

According to research, people with migraine suffer much less from migraines after three months of yoga near me practice. To try, therefore, if you have migraines.

Revive in your body and your head as well

Last benefit of yoga near me: it would have the ability to slow down the aging of our body. This makes sense when you know that stress and anxiety promote the production of free radicals, molecules that promote oxidative stress.

As a reminder, oxidative stress is one of the main causes of cancer and is thought to play an important role in Alzheimer’s disease, or in other pathologies such as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular accidents, rheumatoid arthritis or cataracts. In other words, yoga near me would mean preventing us from these diseases.

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